Research animations

I have designed a number of research animations to talk about normal baby behaviour (e.g. how often babies wakes up, how often they feed and the importance of responsive parenting to support them) and ideas of how everyone can support breastfeeding. You can follow a link to all animations here or click on individual ones below

If you would like to use these animations to support new mothers in anyway way, or in training with health professionals, please do! I would be very grateful if you would get in touch and let me know you are doing so, and how it went.


Babies wake up at night and that’s ok! The importance of responsive nighttime parenting



This animation explores how normal it is for babies to wake up and feed at night and why they do this. It also looks at evidence showing what you feed a baby in terms of milk and solid foods does not affect their sleep.



How everybody can play their part in supporting a breastfeeding mother



This animation looks at ideas for supporting breastfeeding. It comes from our research asking how mums felt supported by different individuals e.g. partners, friends and the general public. It gives ideas about how anyone, whoever they are, can help support breastfeeding.



The importance of responsive parenting and how strict routines can damage breastfeeding



This animation looks at the idea of a ‘good baby’ and how waking up, feeding lots and wanting to be held is normal baby behaviour. It looks at our research exploring the impact of routines upon breastfeeding and maternal wellbeing.