Personality and breastfeeding

My research exploring personality type and breastfeeding caused quite a stir and was on hundreds of websites! Typically some of these sensationalised the work. I found that mums who had a more introverted personality were less likely to breastfeed and this was linked to being more reluctant to breastfeed in public or seek support with problems. It shows the importance of making sure we support all mums in ways that meet their needs.

The research was discussed on several science websites including medical news net, live science, medical net news, live science and science daily.

The Western Mail, Daily Mail, Nature world news and Huff post also published articles on it and it reached Asia, the USA, India Italy, and the Netherlands to name a few!

Several parenting websites also discussed the work including What to expect, growing your baby and

The RCM and Nursing times also considered its impact.