Must read breastfeeding articles

I do not claim any part of these brilliant articles, but if you are looking for more information about breastfeeding and babies, these are¬†must reads covering a range of topics! They are in no particular order ūüôā

If you have any ideas for articles you have enjoyed and think others would find really useful, please get in touch and we can add to the list.

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Breastfeeding the micro biome – The New Yorker

The carbon footprint of formula milk 

The dangerous game of the feeding interval obsession РEmma Pickett

Do mothers really have the choice to breastfeed? Dr Jack Newman

Its not the responsibility of individual mothers to improve breastfeeding rates: Heather Trickey

A breastfeeding paediatrician: Dr Vicky Thomas

Babies don’t need sleep coaches … but sometimes their parents do: Professor Helen Ball

Breastfeeding in the land of Genghis Khan: Ruth Kamnitzer

Breastmilk versus ‘formula’ food: The Ecologist, Pat Thomas

Why African babies don’t cry: Claire Niala

Natural age of weaning: Kathy Dettwyler

Breastfeeding and the environment: Wendy Correa

The 4th trimester: AKA why your baby is only happy in your arms: Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Low milk supply 101: Emma Pickett

The 6 week growth spurt 

Breastfeeding Nemesis: Suzanne Colson 

Timeline of a breastfed baby: the Alpha Parent

Many moms have been taught to breastfeed incorrectly: Sara Sites 

How breastmilk engineers a baby’s gut (and gut microbes): Ed Yong

Just one bottle won’t hurt – or will it? Marsha Walker¬†

The Mommy wars are the patriarchy’s latest way to control women: Kim Lock¬†

Did you ever wonder what’s in breastmilk?¬†

Breastfeeding benefits baby’s brains: Kevin Stacey

Watch your language: Diane Weissinger

Foremilk and Hindmilk: In Quest of an Elusive Arbitrary Switch