Infant sleep, breastfeeding and solids

Our research exploring how it’s normal for babies to wake up, and that whether they are breast or formula fed, or how much solid food they have, doesn’t affect it, attracted quite a lot of media attention!

ITV news did a lovely feature on the work, including filming some local mums about their views on the research. You can watch the clip here! They also did an update on the work a few months later when we released our baby sleep animation.

I was also interviewed by the Huffington Post about the research who wrote a lovely article.

It was also picked up by the Mirror who wrote a surprisingly lovely article, ignoring the headline!

A number of other websites also picked it up such as netmums, madeformums, bellybelly and kidspot in Australia and the Western Mail.


It also led to me commenting on another great baby sleep study led by the Durham Parent – infant sleep centre, in an article published by Reuters.

Our animation about the research also made the news many times!