Importance of supporting breastfeeding

Here are a number of news articles discussing why it is SO important that breastfeeding is considered a societal responsibility rather than simply putting all responsibility on the mother.

A BBC news article published my comments on an open letter, signed by many key breastfeeding organisations and supporters, calling on the government to invest in breastfeeding.

Local radio also picked up on the letter

Other articles have continued to explore the issue of an urgent need for more breastfeeding support during National and World breastfeeding weeks.

Publicity around a review article on the need to consider breastfeeding a societal issue ‘Breast is best but not in my back-yard‘ also received lots of attention.

The Western mail published a great article, including lots of lovely photos of babies breastfeeding.

The work was also picked up by several science publishers including Medical News Today, Medical Net news and Science News online.