Breastfeeding Uncovered Research overviews

Here you will find summaries of all the key papers that inform Breastfeeding Uncovered including explanations of why and how we did the research, what we found and what this means.

You will also get a direct link to the publication online and in most cases, a pre print copy of the paper itself. 

Happy reading and any questions get in touch!


What do women really want from breastfeeding education and promotion? 

Milk supply and breastfeeding decisions

Breastfeeding difficulties can increase risk of postnatal depression

Infant sleep, milk feeding and solid food intake

Breast is best but not in my backyard

Active management of the third stage of labour may increase breastfeeding difficulties

Body image concerns and breastfeeding

Healthcare professionals’ and mothers perceptions’ of factors that influence decision to breastfeed

Impact of birth complications upon breastfeeding

Breastfeeding promotes better appetite control in toddlers

The experiences and challenges of normalising longer term breastfeeding

Young mothers who do breastfeed: the importance of a supportive peer community

Amy’s PhD: Feeding routines and how they might damage breastfeeding

A list of all the research behind Breastfeeding Uncovered