Breastfeeding Uncovered Blog articles


Below are a number of discussion articles written by myself about the issues underpinning breastfeeding support, promotion and experience. These cover elements such as beliefs about baby routines, postnatal care, the impact of birth and the sexualisation of the female body. These are published in the Huffington Post, the Conversation and media across the globe. Enjoy!

Huffington Post: How the myth of the good baby is damaging breastfeeding

Huffington Post: The UK Launch Of The World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative Highlights Why We Must Work Together To Support Breastfeeding

Huffington Post: We Must Keep Talking About Breastfeeding Until We Get The Investment New Mothers Deserve

Huffington Post: Why fed will never be best: The FIB letting our new mothers down

Irish Times: The battle between women who breastfed and those who don’t

The Conversation: Why getting babies into strict routines isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Guardian: Low UK breastfeeding rates down to social pressures over routine and sleep

Unicef Baby Friendly blog: It’s time we all recognised our role in creating a supportive breastfeeding environment

We need better birth and postnatal care for our breastfeeding mothers, not separation in the name of risk

The Conversation: Childhood obesity plan forgets about babies and toddlers

The Conversation: Traumatic breastfeeding experiences are the reason we must continue to promote it

The Conversation: Breastfeeding older children might be uncommon but that doesn’t make it wrong

The Conversation: Social media is putting pressure on women to look perfect